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Dr. Eden Wubante has helped her patients achieve a pain-free life through chiropractic care and massage therapy at PainFree Chiropractic & Rehab on Lincoln Road in Alexandria, VA.

Massage Therapy Q&A

How does massage therapy factor into chiropractic care?

Many people seek out chiropractic care because they are in pain.  Massage therapy has been shown to increase blood circulation significantly, allowing oxygen and nutrients to move efficiently through the body. Improved circulation also aids in the clearing of waste products from body tissues, and facilitates healing of injuries like strains, sprains by reducing inflammation. Massage is also known to increase endorphins, which are knowns as the body’s natural painkillers. Massage is the application of soft-tissue manipulation, which can promote an overall sense of wellbeing by reducing stress, treating muscular discomfort and improving circulation. By combining spinal manipulation with the complementary care of massage therapy, patients experience faster recovery because the soft tissue and other support structures are properly treated as well.  It can also help increase your range of motion, improve circulation, and make chiropractic adjustments easier.

What conditions can massage therapy treat?

Research has shown that therapeutic massage, like what is performed in Dr. Wubante's office, can lower blood pressure, stimulate weak and inactive muscles, treat anxiety and depression, minimize fatigue, treat headaches and migraines, and reduce discomfort from repetitive stress injuries.  It can also correct soft tissue misalignments in athletes that can cause injury and alleviate sore muscles after long workouts.  Anecdotal evidence also suggests that massage therapy aids in sleep difficulties and enhances athletic performance.

How can I make sure my massage therapy treatment does what it should?

First, it is essential that you precisely follow Dr. Wubante's treatment plan.  In order for massage therapy to do what it is intended to do, it must be done at the prescribed time, in combination with other prescribed treatments, such as chiropractic care, functional exercise, and nutrition and lifestyle changes. While massage on its own can be relaxing, it is only part of the picture.  Chiropractic care addresses the underlying structural issues that are causing injury, illness, or pain.  Without it, massage therapy will not be effective for long-term relief of your symptoms or the treatment of your sports-related injury.



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