Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Eden is absolutely amazing. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and very punctual. I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes before being seen."

- Adanna M.

"I decided to go for the first time to get adjusted and it was the best decision I made!"

- Kenberly M.

"I would have never had this much improvement if I did not come here. Very helpful, amazing people in the office."

- Brook G.

"I would highly recommend Dr. Eden, she is very professional and great at what she does!"

- Zewdu K.

"I chose Dr. Wubante mainly because she is at my health insurance provider network. I read the testimonials and decided to make an appointment with her. Nevertheless, I had only a few chiropractic sessions, I already feel much better, and more energetic. Even my mood has improved!"

- Maria M.

"My visit with Dr. Eden is amazing !! She is very kind, listened to my concerns, and explained what she will be doing to my upper back to feel comfortable. Great service in a friendly manner. I would recommend her to anybody who is in search of a chiropractor."

- Vishalatchi J.

"Dr. Wubante was kind, listened to me, and was very thorough in explaining a care plan for my injury. I feel better already and would recommend her to anyone!"

- Rowan S.

"Dr. Wubante is a miracle worker! She was able to give me immediate relief for my back pain and identify places I didn’t even know were tense. I highly recommend her."

- Daisy D.

"Dr. Wubante is great! She treats our entire family!"

- Ying C.

"Dr. Wubante is amazing!"

- Jillian R.

"Great srvice!"

- Yazi T.

"My first visit with Dr. Wubante was outstanding. She listened to my concerns and explained what she could do in a very clear, kind, and caring way. I am looking forward to my next visit. I believe I have found a real treasure who can help me to improve my condition."

- Sharon M.

"Dr. Wubante is very personable, very astute, has a great sense of humor, and is quite pleasant to work with. I love that she uses massage therapy before adjusting and her holistic approach. My severe lower back pain was 95% better after one treatment. She could tell that my shoulder and arm pain stemmed from an old injury by massaging the muscles too. I would definitely recommend her if you need a chiropractor!"

- Katie E.

"My experience has been a success. I arrived at the clinic with severe pain and discomfort. After working with the Doctor and Staff through several months of treatment, I was able to find relief to the pain and dysfunction. The Doctor spent the time to customize a treatment plan, and was able to gradually decrease pain and overall discomfort by seventy percent. This has been amazing because I was facing the possibility of surgery and or pain medication, both being very costly. An additional bonus to the physical balancing and pain relief has been much better moods from day to day."

- Andrew H.

"Dr. Wubante was very friendly and informative, and I felt great after my visit."

- Blair F.


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